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Baldwin Console

Baldwin Console Piano

Price - $2,195 (financing available)

Finish - Satin Mahogany

Year - 1990

This is a great American made Baldwin console. Purchase includes a complimentary move, tune, and 10 year parts and labor warranty.  

Essex Studio (sold)

Steinway designed Studio Upright Piano (Model EUP-111E)

Price - $2,995 (financing available)

Finish - Polished Ebony

Height - 44"

Year - 2000


Steinway designed and built to last, this Essex 44” upright was made in the year 2000 and looks practically new. Considering pianos last 75-100 years, this piano has a lot of musical life left to give. Our technician inspected this model before it was brought to our showroom, and found it to be in excellent condition inside, and out. We’ll be selling this piano with a move, tune, warranty, and trade-up policy included. Give us a visit, and try it out today. 

Mason and Hamlin Studio

Mason and Hamlin Studio Piano

Price - $3,995 (Sells new for $24,300, financing available)

Finish - Satin Ebony

Height - 50"

Year - 1981


Mason and Hamlin is ranked among the top piano builders of the world, a true icon of the piano industry. This model is no different. With a new price of over $20,000, it is built with the finest materials by experts in their field. It has a medium action weight, with a rich, deep tone. Included in the purchase of this piano is a complimentary move, tune, warranty, and trade-up policy. Give us a visit, and try it out today! 

Wurlitzer Console

Wurlitzer Console Piano

Price - $1895 (financing available)

Finish - Satin Dark Walnut

Year - 1984

This is a great American built console piano by Wurlitzer. It has a clear, bright tone, and a medium action weight. It was built to last, and comes with a complimentary move, tune, 10 year parts and labor warranty, and our ten year trade-up policy. 

Samick Compact Console

Samick Compact Console Piano

Price - $1,395

Finish - Polished Ebony

Year - 1988


This is one of the smallest pianos ever made, built with 75 keys instead of 88 to save space, yet built with the same materials and techniques as a full sized upright. It's perfect for those with limited space, who prefer the sound and feel of a real piano. Purchase includes a complimentary move, tune, 10 year parts and labor warranty, and our 10 year trade-up policy.

Hammond B3 

Hammond B3 with Leslie Speaker

Price - $4,995


Move included in purchase

Samick Studio

Samick Studio Piano

Price - $3,495 (financing available)

Finish - Polished Walnut


Here’s an excellent example of the French provincial styling used by many piano builders today. But where does this style come from? 

In the 18th century, the Parisian monarchy and court would commission hundreds of luxurious and elaborate pieces of furniture in the Rococo style, a style known for its intricate curves and decoration, with a true sense of excess given to each piece. While this intricate aesthetic is beautiful, it was exorbitantly expensive for most, even the wealthy families living in the French provinces at the time. The result was a simpler style, which had the smooth lines of the Rococo style, without the ornate carvings which raised the cost of manufacture above what most could afford. In the past few decades this “French provincial” style has come into popularity as an elegant look that, because of its lack of ornate decoration, hits the sweet spot between old world style and modern simplicity. 

With curved legs and a delicate trim laid on the front, this Samick studio adds a welcome touch of that subtle elegance to any room it’s placed in. It is in like new condition, and sounds fantastic. We’re placing this piano on sale till Saturday, dropping its original price of $3,495 to just $2,495. This piano has already passed inspection by our technician, and will be sold with a complimentary move, tune, warranty, and trade-up policy. Give us a visit, and try it out today!

Baldwin Console

Baldwin Console Piano

Price - $2,995 (Financing Available)

Year - 2001

Finish - Satin Mahogany


This piano was built in America in 2001 and is in great shape. It has passed inspection by our technician. Piano will be sold with a move, tune, warranty, and trade up policy included. 

Hardman Console (sold)