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Practice Room Rentals

Here at Linton Milano Music we offer practice room rentals at affordable rates with a flexible schedule.   Some of our rooms are fully equipped to accommodate solos, duos or larger ensembles.   Our rooms are located in our two locations at 38 & 45 W Main Street in downtown Mesa, Arizona.   You can schedule your practice room below or call with more questions.   480-833-2323.

Here are a few rules to consider when renting our practice spaces:

 - The spaces cannot be used to teach music lessons.  We currently manage a music lessons program with several teachers and do not want to cause confusion.

-  Please observe the maximum occupancy of the rooms

- Some of our practice spaces are for acoustic instrument only.   Amplifiers are not permitted in some rooms.  

- No alcohol, smoking or drug use in the room

- No funny business.  Practice rooms are for creating music. 

Studio Rentals

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