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Group Music Classes

We're excited to announce our new group music opportunities.  These classes are for students (and non-students) of Linton Milano who are looking to enhance their private lesson experience.  Participants will learn important skills as they have fun with others working toward a common musical goal.  These courses will run every 8 weeks.  Because this is a group effort, make sure that you'll be able to attend most rehearsals.  

Group Classes / September-October

This fall we'll be offering some exciting group opportunities to enhance your musical education.  Registration opens August 1st.

Break out the Bands - Fall Session - September / October
Come join us for an 8 week rock band experience!  If you're looking for a way to take your musical talents to the next level, it's time to join a band. Our program is designed to help you develop your skills and creativity while playing in a band. Each rehearsal is directed by one of our experienced instructors. Session includes eight 60 minute rehearsals followed by an optional live performance.
   Rock bands are split by age:  kids, teens & adults.

String Social for Adults - Fall Session - September / October
String Social is a group designed for adult violin, viola, cello & bass students looking to play music with other passionate musicians.  The group is open to individuals of all skill levels, from beginning to advanced players.  The group is intended to provide a community for individuals who share a passion for playing music and learning new songs together.  The group will meet weekly to practice and improve their skills while exploring different genres and styles of music.  The class will have eight 50 minute rehearsals.

Songwriting - Fall Session - September / October
Learn to write songs! This class presents the basic concepts of popular songwriting, such as song construction, creativity techniques, melodic and harmonic development, how to write memorable lyrics, and other core topics. Hands-on exercises make it practical and fun! This class will be open to all instruments and experience levels. Students ages 13+

Percussion Ensemble
 - Fall Session - September / October
Join resident drum expert Tommy Acedo as he forms our first ever percussion ensemble!  This eight week class is designed for percussion students ages 13-17 of all experience levels.


Bluegrass at 80 BPM - Fall Session - September / October

Each week the bluegrass group will meet up and spend time rehearsing bluegrass repertoire.  Participants will be able to work accompaniment and lead while trying to build speed.   Participants should be able to accompany or play lead at a tempo of 80 BPM (sixteenth notes).  Open to all ages, students of guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle & double bass.

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