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The Annual Awards Music Festival

The AAMF is a great opportunity for students to learn and perfect a song, perform it in front of judges and receive valuable feedback on technique, musicality and overall presentation.

We believe in the benefits of participating in the Annual Awards Music Festival. This year students will be given the option to either submit a video of their performance or perform in-person for a panel of judges. All participants can choose to play in the optional AAMF recital on April 15th.


Each participant will be given the option to receive a trophy or certificate and a critique.


Participating in the AAMF is a rewarding experience.

Important Dates

April 1st - Registration deadline


April 15th - AAMF RECITALS (optional)


April 16th - Video Submissions / in-person judging


May 1st - Trophies and Certificates received in lesson


$50 - Trophy & Critique


$35 - Certificate & Critique


All options include participation in optional aamf recital

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