Hallet Davis Studio Piano - Model UP118 -Polished Black Finish

Hallet Davis Studio Piano - Model UP118 -Polished Black Finish


Hallet Davis HS118 Upright Piano

MSRP - $7,595

Linton Milano Price - $3,995

Finish - Ebony Polish

Height - 46.5"

This piano is built by the same craftsman that manufacture Steinway's Essex line of pianos. The soundboard is made of solid spruce, the strings are provided by Roslau in Germany, and the hammers are covered in German felt. Nearly everyone who sits down to play a Hallet Davis for the first time comments on how rich the tone is, and how perfectly weighted the hammers are. If you are unfamiliar with Hallet Davis, we recommend giving us a visit to try one out. In their price segment, they truly are one of the best pianos being built. Hallet Davis pianos offer an instrument that's built to last, a joy to play, and far less than comparable pianos. Purchase includes a complimentary move, in-home tuning, 10 year parts and labor warranty and our 10 year trade-up policy. 



Rib Material:Spruce

Number of Ribs:10

Pinblock:19 Ply Maple

Bridge Material:Maple

Action Material:Hornbeam



Plate Material:Cast Iron

Roslau Strings:Yes

Bass Strings:Solid Copper & Wound

Height:117cm (46.5″)

Width:58.5cm (23″)

Length147cm (58″)

Weight:225kg (495 lbs)