Upright Piano Rentals

Monthly Piano Rentals with no contracts or hidden fees

We now offer affordable montly piano rentals.   If you are not ready to buy a piano, you can now rent a piano for a small monthly fee.   The first year of each month's rent will go towards the purchase of your very own piano.  Here's how it works:


Your first payment will be $300, which will cover the first months rent, piano delivery and piano pickup, as well as a complimentary tuning in the home.  After that you will be billed $50 a month until you decide that you want us to pick up the piano.  No deposit or hidden fees.  The first year's rent, including the initial $300 payment, may be used towards a new or used piano of $1,000 or more.  


Give us a call for more information and the most current inventory at 480-833-7238!


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